Monday, January 30, 2012

My weekend retreat....

I met up with a few of my buddies last weekend and went on a retreat to Lake Cushman WA. (oh, I hope I spelled that right Missy) It was so much fun... There was snow everywhere on the ground, it poured rain the whole time, and we even had a thunder and lighting storm. (which my friend Kathy slept through the whole thing) PERFECT weather for scrapping.... :)

I don't think any of us changed out of our pj's and we mush have ate as much as we scrapped. "Hey thats what retreats are for right? There's no calorie counting when you scrap" It was really nice hanging out with some of my oldest scrapping buddies (I don't mean old in age, I mean we have scrapped together for a long time)

While the fire place roared with a nice toasty warm fire. We created and caught up on a few years that we have been apart because I lived in AK. Im pretty sure that by the end of the weekend they were probably wondering if they were living in Melinda's version of band camp... I kept saying all weekend "in AK we did this...." or "in AK its like this" Good golly I'm sorry girls for all the AK stories... Thanks for listening and being such great friends...

Even though I bogged them down with my AK chit chat... We all had a very productive weekend.. :) I believe Missy had a dozen layouts complete... (wow!! record breaker) Kathy was not to far behind with 9 layouts. Brenda completed her daughters graduation album and I did most of my Viva mini album. (Viva is my 11 year old wiener dog) I also completed a few small canvases for my mom's kitchen and I started a new project Im working on. Phew... we were busy gals.

It was a very creative and exhausting weekend. Thank you my friends for inviting me to the Cushman retreat... I loved every minute and it is ALWAYS a blast to be with each of you. I hope we go again soon.. :)

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